Why Is Professor X Alive In Logan

​8 Ways X-Men Movie Continuity Is Still Irretrievably Fucked. X-Men: Days of Future Past seems pretty clearly set after the original X-Men trilogy — the mutants that survived X3 are still alive, and the mutants died are still dead… with one notable exception. Professor X was killed in X3, and yet he’s perfectly fine in the future of Days.

Logan’s (Hugh Jackman) clone, which was created by Transigen, kills him, but Professor X doesn’t know that at first. Thankfully, Logan is able to get to Professor X in time to tell his beloved.

It has long been confirmed that Professor X has grown quite ill in Logan, and Hugh Jackman’s title character has seen better days as well, in this story partially based on the iconic Old Man Logan.

Let’s hope Disney takes a cue from the R-rated success of LOGAN and DEADPOOL. Jean’s father is still alive. However, he told Professor X to take her away as he couldn’t deal with what she’d done.

But then word came last week that Patrick Stewart — who has played Charles Xavier/Professor X since 2000. with the new film, Logan is paternal, and Charles Xavier, with his destabilizing mind,

From 2006-2013 it seems that Jean is still dead, as for Professor X he happens to be alive. but given the Logan film directly hinting at the Statue of Liberty incident. This does make sense with.

Mar 06, 2017  · It feels like he’s trying to grasp onto his glory days as the great Professor X, as if he’s only himself when he has a young charge to nurture. And it would explain so much about why Logan.

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I’m just hoping that dead X-Man isn’t Wolverine. He may be the most popular of Marvel’s many mutant heroes, but Wolverine serves more use dead than alive right now. and the X-Men focus so much.

I doubt it’ll be explained why Professor X is alive in THE WOLVERINE but with Logan appearing in X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST could the new scene be a tease for that film, similar to Nick Fury showing up at the end of the first IRON MAN? The scene does sound like it appears at the end of the movie, possibly when Wolverine returns from Japan.

Subscribe To Why Wolverine Needs To Die At The End Of Logan Updates close. Subscribe To Why Wolverine Needs To Die At The End Of Logan Updates. Jean Grey and Professor X.

These days, the only superpower that might top Professor X’s. and are stopped by the X-Men, who manage to inject Erik with the cure. Logan kills Jean. Rogue chooses to take the cure. Charles kind.

Subscribe To On Which X-Men Timeline Does Logan Exist? Here’s What We Think Updates. and Cyclops and Jean Grey were still alive. Everything seemed much.

Instead, she returns to her friends, alive. X-Men United (2003) X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) X-Men: First Class (2011) The Wolverine (2013) X-Men: Days of Future.

Much like reading 50 or so years of Xmen, the continuity is loose and redefined by what is most present. For this very reason I assume they will wipe the slate clean via time travel at the end of dofp (keeping only first class and this film).

May 29, 2014  · Best Answer: Perhaps the most contentious of the Days of Future Past continuity errors is the fact that Professor Charles Xavier is alive in the future despite having been killed in X-Men: The Last Stand. While the end credits button scene for The Last Stand does suggest that Professor X, or at least his consciousness, is still alive, Days of Future Past never explains why the character looks.

Professor X, supposedly dead but more accurately alive. Why not? As of Age of Ultron, the Avengers are practically taking on the NSA, and the Batman of Christopher Nolan’s movies is as much a.

“Logan” follows a battle-weary Wolverine hiding out in Texas with Patrick Stewart’s Professor X. The mutant warrior is brought out. schooler who discovers she may be living her last day alive in a.

May 23, 2017  · Logan: Complete Guide to Marvel Universe and X-Men Easter Eggs and Reference Guide Mangold also suggested that a contributing factor was to make sure that nobody would question their assurance.

Mar 02, 2017  · Logan has a much smaller ensemble, with the focus on Wolverine, Professor X, and a… Bustle. Who Is Caliban? The Albino Mutant In ‘Logan’ Makes His Return To X.

See Video: ‘Logan’ Reaction: Best Wolverine Ever? “Logan” takes place in a not-too-distant future where Wolverine and Professor X are among the very few mutants. is currently experiencing her last.

FX is already using Charles Xavier’s multiple-personality psychic son in Legion, but that show doesn’t take place in the same universe as the Marvel movies so why not introduce David Haller there too?.

10 Charles Xavier Had The Hots For Jean Grey. In these panels, Professor X touches Jean’s elbow and holds her hand while telling her to be careful. Afterward, he thinks of her as “the one I love” and laments that his status as leader of the team and as a disabled person prevents him.

James Mangold’s Logan is the. the death of The X-Men. Logan and Laura move on after the death of Charles Xavier. That’s why that final shot, of Laura and her friends departing from Logan’s final.

“Logan” follows a battle-weary Wolverine hiding out with Patrick Stewart’s Professor X in rural Texas, where they’re tasked. schooler who discovers she may be living her last day alive in a.

In X-Men: The Last Stand, we saw that Wolverine kills Jean Grey and Scott Summers was killed. Later, In The Wolverine, Logan recovers from his past. However, in X-Men: Days of Future Past, Scott Summers and Jean Grey were there (who were killed in Last Stand).

What Happened to The X-Men Explained! (The Westchester Incident) — LOGAN Follow me on Twitter! Facebook: Instagram: Snapchat: BobaTalks In this video I talk about what happened to all the X-Men years ago as the film drops details of the story about what happened in Westchester at Charles […]

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In X-Men: Wolverine, the post-credits scene shows Xavier’s return, years after his supposed death. Again, if the video doesn’t play, this is what happens (from a different wiki): Xavier returns in his original visage and his wheelchair. Along with Magneto, he solicits Logan’s help against dark forces seeking to destroy mutant-kind.

They brought him back somehow for 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past and have now killed him off again in the 2017 film, Logan. And why? Because we’re suckers: nobody wants to see any harm befall babies, puppies or Professor X. And while the first two are still a no-no all across popular culture, bald guys in wheel chairs are clearly fair game.

In Wolverine The End, Logan is blamed for the death of Professor X, but no one has any really proof. Upon his death, the Professor’s essence entered Logan’s body and now resides inside the former.

Full spoilers follow for Logan. As the final chapter in Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine saga, Logan is a film that puts a definitive button on the character’s journey. It also takes Wolverine, Professor.

My favourite kind of superhero film is one that doesn’t feel like a superhero film at all, which is exactly why Logan shredded. nearly extinct. Logan lives in what looks like a Mad Max outpost in.

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12 hours ago · Even until his last dying breath, no matter how disappointing the end result would be. Just look at all the time he wasted on the self-proclaimed X-Men, on Lehnsherr. Only to have everything fall apart in the end, by his mind no less. But Logan made sure that he was still safe in the knowledge that he had tried to do his best.

So it seemed safe to assume that the latest superhero film on the block, Wolverine spin-off/sequel Logan, would continue. at the end of 2004’s X-Men: The Last Stand that Patrick Stewart’s Professor.

In the movie Logan, they hint at the fact that the X-Men are no more because something happened. While initially Professor-X asks Logan "What did you do?" later he’s seen repenting doing something that may have caused the death of the X-Men. What is it that happened to the X-Men according to the film Logan?

"Logan" premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival on Feb. 17 to overwhelmingly positive reviews. The film, based on the "Old Man Logan" comic, follows an aged and weary Wolverine caring for.

Jr. and Magneto to figures like Malcolm X and Che Guevara. In Logan, the Professor and his unlikely protegé are joined by Caliban (Stephen Merchant), a new mutant who can sense approaching threats.

He’s very anxious to see Logan. Professor Xavier hisses at Wolverine at one point, and of course Logan agrees. The mutants are gone because the government is manipulating our genes through soda and.