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All the Way Home by syntax6. (MSR, Rated NC-17, Because simply put, AH is one of the best fanfic stories I have *ever* read, and. I'm not just talking. (X-File, M/S UST, Mulder/Other, Slash, Rated NC-17, 657K). Recommended 6-19-00.

Rewatching Rm9 and noticed Mulder’s parking citation has a date on it: June 13, 2018 (at 7:46pm.) Wednesday is canonically date night!

Sep 09, 2018  · Red wrote about why they went ahead with this episode. You could read that or continue making assumptions.

The Ten Greatest X-F Fanfics You ve Ever Read – The reading group for X-Files fanfiction Guide to writing slash fanfiction hawaii. Omg what fresh hell is this question. I.

Neither The X Files nor Buffy the Vampire Slayer managed to maintain. They play an active part in charity organisations run by cast members, and they write more fanfiction on the world’s largest.

These are some of my absolute favorite fics ever that I think everyone should read. Home All The X Files ASOIAF/GOT Downton Abbey Other resource sites

Mar 29, 2016. In no particular order, here are my favorite X-Files fics. I first read this, during a fanfic binge in my mourning period post-TFA (I. The Birthday Fics by syntax6: Listen all these stories are fun and adorable and well written.

Having been a venerable X­-Files fangirl throughout my teen years, the concepts of “OTPs”, “UST” and fanfiction weren’t new. If you Google “why do we get attached to fictional characters?”.

She/her. 30ish. Started as a Star Trek blog but let’s be real, it’s all X-Files now.

Welcome to the strange world of TV fan fiction, where the aficionados. A MILESTONE in the annals of Slash fanfic was reached in March of this year, during the second episode of a particularly.

The X-Files fandom isn’t gone. It’s just dormant. Ever wonder if your favorite stars peruse their tag on Tumblr, stumbling across all the fan art and fanfic we’ve made? Well last night on The.

This is actually the plot of a piece of fanfic from the 1950s, in which sci-fi fans survive. Bella ends up in ER and the characters of The X-Files clash with those of Breaking Dawn. While much.

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“I want to believe” is actually my favourite catchphrase to come out of The X-Files because it’s simultaneously optimistic and skeptical. “Wanting to believe” is different from blind faith – it implies that you’re holding out for a burden of proof, even when the belief itself is desirable.

X, A, Mulder/Scully friendship/UST, Rape Summary:. Author: syntax6. SA, Super. X-File/horror/UST, Mulder and Scully Angst, Skinner friendship. Summary: A.

Since The X-Files reccing ends tomorrow, thought I’d do my part. I definitely don’t do the "Why This Must Be Read" descriptions justice, but if you take a chance and wind up disappointed, I’ll bake you cookies as an apology, deal? ( Home, Home by onpaperfirst, Upsidaisium by Penumbra23 and One is Silver by emily shore )

Or at least he is in fanfiction. Part II – Scully's asked to officially take over the X Files Division, and her first case. Universal Invariants by Syntax6 (External link)

The Gossamer Project (, just one of many fan sites devoted to "The X-Files," has more than 25,000 stories archived. And is just one site devoted to fanfiction about "Star.

This isn’t slash fiction with a twist, though: the point is the pregnancy, not the sex (though there are often lovely sex scenes in mpreg fanfic). Almost every fandom has its mpreg branch, though.

In this summer of Dark Knights and Hellboys and Iron Men, it’s refreshing to be reminded — as we will be this weekend, with the opening of "The-X-Files: I Want to Believe. No, I never wrote fanfic.

For agents who work in the X-Files division, Mulder and Scully get to go undercover in the adult entertainment business quite a bit. This is a list of fics I’ve read where they’ve had to go undercover as strippers, prostitutes/escorts and phone sex operators. Naturally a lot of smut results.

I’m Dryad (XFDryad here, Dryad on AO3, dryadinthegrove on Dreamwidth). I’ve been writing since I was 11 years old and (still) aim to be published One Day. As well as my own work in science fiction, I write Sherlock, Lewis, and X Files fanfiction.

But the recent outpouring of digitized fan scribbling — one ”X-Files” Web archive has accumulated 6,000 stories. But for Jill Kirby, ”good fanfic is just as good as any episode of the TV show,

The X-Files Origins: Devil’s Advocate by Jonathan Maberry (Jan. Order it here. Stranger Than Fanfiction by Chris Colfer (Feb. 28) Colfer (briefly) sets aside his best-selling middle grade series.

Tags: pre series, season 7, queer files, tw: drug use. This is not. Mulder becomes his own X-file. extra tags. extra tags. THE BIRTHDAY STORIES by syntax6.

Jason used to be the literary editor right here at Flavorwire, and we’re thrilled to feature his. I also got into rewatching The X-Files since my wife had never seen it. She got me hooked on Buffy.

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Pre XF AU – Pre XFiles AU Sam – Fics. NC-171. Syntax6. MSR | SAX // Season five, post Redux II Tiberton is a town rife with buried bodies and buried secrets.

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McKinnon’s coming out story could not be more different from Tomlin’s. After considering her “physiological reaction” to watching The X-Files, she realized that it wasn’t David Duchovny’s stony gaze.

Consider, for example, the girl known online as Flourish. She started reading X-Files fan fiction when she was 10, wrote her first Harry Potter stories at 12, and published her first online novel at.

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X-Files Wiki Transcript at Inside the X Fanfiction Anyone with a Gun by V. Salmone – Mulder and Scully in the aftermath Atomic Split by Pteropod – beautiful and intimate Exorcist Stairs by Elanor G – look, Wendy, a casefile!

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2015: Books, coffee and fanfiction. 2016: Books, coffee. Eternally, seriously, what a role model. 2015: Scullaaaay. X-Files revival happening this year, man. My loyalty has paid off and then some.

Diana is comfortable, familiar. He knows what she likes, that she goes back to her place when they are done. That it isn’t them getting back together it’s just comfortable. While she wrecked him before, he had the x-files to hide his sorrow. Now she uses the x-files to make him feel alive. She brings secret files.

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For two decades, there was a wave of interesting and ambitious shows (St. Elsewhere, Thirtysomething, The Simpsons, Seinfeld, My So-Called Life, The X-Files) as well as terrible-but-watchable hits.

Bonus: After a quick google search I discovered a fanfic (!) Big Bang Theory story that is focussed on the colliculus, titled “The Superior Colliculus Engagement”. It includes the phrase “jumpstart.

IN THE SPIRIT OF TRYING TO KEEP FANFIC ALIVE I HAVE CHOSEN TO ARCHIVE THESE FICS. IF YOU SEE YOUR. She's missed the X-Files cases so takes him up on the offer but with some skepticism. Summary: The X-Files are closed, but Mulder and Scully find a way to work together. Blood Oranges : Syntax6

All the Way Home – Syntax6. All Through the. Boy X – Meredith. Closing the File – JRF Patton. M. Luder, King of 'SETI Troopers' Fanfic" – Livia Balaban.

Finally, in the last scene something happens, and when I say “something” I mean this show just becomes The X-Files for about five minutes. What are your thoughts and/or best fanfiction on the.

Post TV critic Hank Stuever talked about what’s bad, good and so bad it’s good on TV. Here’s what Hank would watch if he wasn’t paid to watch TV: "Game of Thrones. Full House, X-Files, Arrested.

Classics _____ or, Your Fanfic Education is Not Complete Until You’ve Read.) _____ This list is decided by the consensus of a group of long-time fic readers. _____ + indicates that this story has been added since the last update Some of these stories are located at Unfortunately, does gossamer not allow any direct links.

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The "weird girl" is Lula and "what’s his name" is Rory; they’re two BFFs living in a teeny town who bond over feeling like outcasts and their mutual love of The X-Files. (Sign me up for this.

Sep 19, 2018  · Opening de Los Expedientes X: Temporada de Halloween, fanfiction disponible en wattpad a partir del 20 de septiembre. MIS REDES SOCIALES: Twitter: https://.

The X-files premiered when I was nine years old. in the sweaty, sticky forums of shipper fanfic. Mulder + Scully = Forever was the mantra of my formative years. Mulder needed Scully’s logic and.