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The chili pepper rating has since been taken down. Rate My Professors tweeted the following response:[email protected] The chili pepper rating is meant to reflect a dynamic/exciting teaching style. But,

Because students are able to read and write reviews of virtually any educator across the nation, Rate My Professors has amassed more than 19 million reviews of various teaching professionals since.

For University of Alabama students and college students across the country, the website Rate my Professor is used as tool for choosing the perfect class. Students have the ability to access the.

I’ve lost my chili pepper. In case you haven’t seen the story, the Rate My Professors website recently responded to criticism from a Vanderbilt University professor — and a lot of social media.

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On May 1, the university posted a video of a handful of Rutgers professors reading anonymous student reviews posted to a "Rate My Professors" website. "He is a bro," said political science professor.

We all know that one student in class the professor can’t get enough of, but what about the teacher students can’t help but flock to? Ratemyprofessor.com, a website where students score and review.

Every once in a while, the internet unearths a hidden gem, like this most recent find: the Rate My Professors page for Professor Ross Geller. Although it’s been buried for a few years, this hilarious.

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Rate My Professors, which is owned by Viacom’s MTV, claims to be the largest website where students can evaluate their professors, with "more than 19 million student-generated comments & ratings of.

Streaming news company Cheddar announced this morning it’s acquiring Rate My Professors, the Viacom-owned site where students go online to rate and review their professors and schools across the U.S.

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The Crimson White — University of Alabama’s newspaper — had the genius idea to film their school’s professors reading their own Rate My Professors reviews. Rate My Professors is a website that.

Many have wondered if there are any sites rating her work as a professor, such as the popular Rate My Professor website. It appears that there are not any reviews posted online from students about.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cheddar, the leading post cable networks company, has acquired Rate My Professors (ratemyprofessors.com), a site and app used by more than 6 million college students a month.

Judging teachers on their job performance rather than their looks? Now that’s hot. Rate My Professors recently removed the chili pepper emoji as a metric on its site after a chorus of outrage from.

Easy or demanding? Boring or engaging? And what about homework? The student-evaluation site Rate My Professors contains a huge stockpile of information about what college students think of their.

Dear @ratemyprofessor Life is hard enough for female professors. Your ‘chili pepper’ rating of our ‘hotness’ is obnoxious and utterly irrelevant to our teaching. Please remove it because #TimesUP and.

Taking a nod from Jimmy Kimmel, who likes to torment celebrities by making them read mean tweets about themselves, Lehigh University had some of their professors sit down and read some highlights (and.

This article originally appeared in Inside Higher Ed. Rate My Professors is a student evaluation site that frustrates many professors, who say that the nonscientific standards leave faculty members.

The streaming video news network Cheddar is making another acquisition. The company says that it has acquired Rate My Professors from Viacom. Rate My Professors is a website and app that lets college.