Lecture On Nothing John Cage

In his "Lecture on Nothing" from his book Silence, John Cage states that "What we require is silence; but what silence requires is that I go on talking." Silence and speech exist together in a.

Parallels can be found scattered across the post-war new music scene: John Cage’s text pieces like “Lecture on Nothing” certainly laid a groundwork, offering a template for good-natured, cerebral.

Feb 16, 2017. Robert Rauschenberg first met John Cage in New York in the early 1950s. At the same time Cage's seminal text Lecture on Nothing will be.

lectures. But the Kennedy Center, Washington’s leading performing arts institution, is not involved. Nor is the Washington Performing Arts Society. In short: the art world has no problem accepting and.

Clo’e Floirat’s drawings comment on contemporary cultural events, often with a satirical edge. The artist’s narrative sketches, often grouped in multi-part series, are paired with puckish one-liners.

Jan 30, 2017. Titled “Nothing and Everything: Seven Artists, 1947 – 1962,” the show combines. talks and compositions featuring John Cage and Morton Feldman. on entry with a recording of Cage performing his Lecture on Nothing, and.

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Wilson, by the way, stays in L.A. to perform at UCLA’s Royce Hall in his movingly personal one-man show based on John Cage’s "Lecture on Nothing." Last year, the Industry, L.A.’s seriously alternative.

In a world plagued by Muzak, John Cage. inventor, Cage learned early how powerful new ideas could be. After dropping out of college, he jetted to Europe, where he fell in love with abstract art. At.

HAPPENING is, in part, a re-envisioning of an experimental music event, staged by John Cage at Black Mountain College in the. She finds that when she lectures on the music (a melodic system that.

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The Kronos Quartet will perform Glass’ "Orion: China" (March 14). Wilson will present his theatrical adaptation of composer John Cage’s "Lecture on Nothing" (Oct. 15). He will appear with Glass and.

“John is just too persuasive. “We really do need a structure,” Cage wrote in his “Lecture on Nothing,” “so we can see we are nowhere.”.

Dance for Nothing In Dance for Nothing, Eszer Salamon performs John Cage's music, "Lecture on Nothing” (1949) and simultaneously dances with the aim of.

While there are no upcoming performances of these shows, TheatreUNCA will stage Nothing’s Happening — A Black Mountain College Project, based around BMC professor John Cage’s Lecture on Nothing. The.

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Köp Silence av John Cage, Kyle Gann på Bokus.com. Marjorie Perloff, Los Angeles Review of Books "Cage's 1959 'Lecture on Nothing'.remains a.

Hendricks became affiliated with the avant-garde Fluxus collective in the mid-1960s, a participation that informed his work as much as his Quaker upbringing, curiosity in Zen Buddhism, rural.

Every nook and cranny of Town Hall Seattle will be filled with the John Cage Musicircus this Saturday. and the scheduled “lectures” aren’t just talks. Cage’s “Lecture on Nothing,” for example,

"Remove the records from Texas," John Cage wrote in "Lecture on Nothing," "and someone will learn to sing." But I do object to the way the digital model has been applied. Isn’t Apple, for instance,

Sep 12, 2010. Eszter Salamon presented 'Dance for Nothing' at Tanz im August 2010 in. John Cage's invitation at the beginning of his Lecture on Nothing.

Quick word-association test: What do you think of when you hear the name John Cage. Thing as Silence, Cage’s best-known work “has transcended the esoteric realm of the avant-garde to become famous.

In 2012, I created a piece in honor of John Cage's centennial for Raritan Valley Community College. I combined the first and last pages of his Lecture on Nothing.

Feb 28, 2015. Morton Feldman, a composer and close friend of John Cage, wrote about the. 6 John Cage (1959) 'Lecture on Nothing', Silence (109-110).

Sep 5, 2012. Silence And Sound: Five Ways Of Understanding John Cage. The lecture muses at length about music, sound and listening. Cage communicated to me the profound assurance that there is nothing serious about music.

John. Cage’s ballet score for “The Seasons” as well as his sprawling, multilayered 1976 masterwork “Regna,” which will include a video presentation as well as Tim Robbins (yes, the actor), reciting.

Mar 3, 2012. Between 1978 and his death in 1992, John Cage came to the Bay Area about. Cage's 1959 "Lecture on Nothing" – the old nothing, I suppose.

Ingulsrud also took the local students to the Black Mountain College archives to learn more about artists, such as composer John Cage, whose work informs Nothing’s Happening. In fact, the frame for.

Jun 29, 2010. The set-up was as follows: Cage recited stories, plucked randomly. Humour and existentialist melancholy: John Cage (photo: Mike Abraham).

College founder John Andrew Rice. summer at the school, Cage devoted his performances solely to the music of Erik Satie, a then-obscure French composer who emphasized duration and rhythm as opposed.