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Changes to the Georgetown University Lecture Fund’s constitution that indirectly affect the speaker election process were proposed and adopted at GUSA’s Tuesday evening meeting by a vote of 8-3.

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Lloyd George Lectures on the Future of the Global Order; Oral Histories; History; Alumni Centennial Honors; Georgetown University. In the Media; In the World; On Campus; SFS Research; Lecture Fund Pete Souza. Walsh School of Foreign Service · Georgetown University ICC 301 · 37th and O Streets NW · Washington, D.C. 20057.

The draft budget, which the FinApp committee deliberated Feb. 27, allocates funding to the Advisory Board on Club Sports, the Georgetown Program Board, the Lecture Fund and Outdoor Education. After.

We must not allow them to infiltrate our Catholic institutions without resistance.” Ms. Richards was invited to speak at Georgetown by the Lecture Fund, a nonpartisan, student-run group that has.

The Newman Society broke the news on March 2 that the Lecture Fund at Georgetown invited Richards to campus. The Lecture Fund “is a non-partisan student-run organization that exists to enrich the.

Ms. Richards was extended an invitation to speak at Georgetown University by the Lecture Fund, a nonpartisan, student-run organization that seeks to promote dialogue on the Washington, D.C., campus.

Richards, who will speak at Georgetown next month, was invited by the student-run Lecture Fund. The group declined in an email to comment on how it selects speakers or why Richards was invited. The.

Richards was invited to speak by the Georgetown University Lecture Fund, a non-partisan student-run organization that says it strives to bring speakers to Georgetown’s campus “to enlighten, educate.

The score measures students’ socioeconomic background through 15 factors, which the College Board says will better put test.

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One point that I would like to clarify is that the Georgetown Lecture Fund is not responsible for the ticketing of all events on campus. Of the four events listed in the editorial, only one was.

The Tanous Family Endowed Lecture Fund was established by Peter J. Tanous (C’60) in 2010 in honor of Lauinger Library’s 40th anniversary. The fund supports an annual lecture program for the Library Associates.

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Oct 26, 2011  · At Georgetown, Finding the Public Sphere in Ann Coulter. Last Thursday, the Georgetown University Lecture Fund and Georgetown’s College Republicans co-hosted a lecture by conservative rabble.

Jan 22, 2019  · According to College Fix, the event was co-sponsored by H*yas for Choice, a pro-abortion student club that Georgetown does not officially recognize but nevertheless gives almost free rein on campus. It was also sponsored by the University’s officially recognized Lecture Fund.

Jan 22, 2019  · ‘Christian’ Abortionist Lectures at Georgetown. It was also sponsored by the University’s officially recognized Lecture Fund and College Democrats.

told LifeSiteNews in an email. The Jesuit university has defended the Lecture Fund at Georgetown University’s decision to invite the president of the nation’s largest abortion provider to speak on its.

The president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, is scheduled to address Georgetown University on April 20. She was invited to speak by the Lecture Fund, a student-run organization on campus.

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Originally from the Bay Area, California, she is vice president of external affairs for the Georgetown Lecture Fund and is passionate about Free Speech on and off college campuses. Erin Doherty is a junior in Georgetown College studying government and education, inquiry and justice. A Washington, D.C. native, Erin has a passion for journalism.

On November 7, The Prisons and Justice Initiative, in co-sponsorship with The Georgetown University Lecture Fund and The Georgetown Radio, welcomed rapper Meek Mill to Georgetown University. This memorable event, which drew a crowd that packed Lohrink Auditorium, featured a conversation between Meek and PJI Director Marc Howard about the flaws.

The Lecture Fund has always played a prominent role on Georgetown’s campus, and in order for the Lecture Fund to continue to be the country’s premiere avenue of global discourse it must at all times.

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Contribute to the Richard Stites Memorial Lecture Fund. After clicking the link, select "Other" and write "Richard Stites Fund" in the box. Donors may also call Georgetown’s Gift Processing department directly to make a gift by phone at 1-202- 687-1789.

That was frustrating for me.” Richards was invited to speak at the Georgetown University by the Lecture Fund, a student organization that exists to invite outside speakers to campus for debate and.

The Casey·McIlvane Lecture Fund was established in 1997 by Roseanne McIlvane Casey G’79 and Nancy McIlvane Del Genio F’82, in memory of Francis L. Casey, Jr., C’50, L’53, and in honor of the Reverend Donald W. McIlvane, F’46.

Georgetown University’s long-standing Speech and Expression policy governs the university’s response to controversial speech. Recently, The Lecture Fund, a student-run organization, invited Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Planned Parenthood Action Fund, to speak on campus. Ms.

On behalf of the Lecture Fund. a testament to the Georgetown community’s maturity and integrity. On Nov. 1 we all demonstrated our university’s commitment to free speech and the fruitful exchange.

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The Saturday night event, expected to draw hundreds of attendees to Gaston Hall, is hosted by the student group TEDxGeorgetown, which receives funding and support from the Georgetown University.

For the first time in its 100 year history, a Planned Parenthood president spoke at Georgetown University on Wednesday, April 20, 2016. Invited by the university’s Lecture Fund, I spoke to over 500.

Erten tapped members of Georgetown University Lecture Fund to help organize the first event, which occurred last March. While TEDx is an independent organization, many committee members overlap with.

We have failed our peers. As members of the Executive Board of the Georgetown University Lecture Fund, we recognize it is clubs like ours that have promoted a culture of rejection and exclusivity.

Passed by the GUSA senate on Sunday, the budget also included increases for the club sports budget, the Media Board, the Georgetown University Lecture Fund and the Performing Arts Advisory Council.

Events and Lectures. Georgetown’s Centennial Forum on the Future of Diplomacy, held on February 6, 2019, included several ISD speakers on "The Essential Diplomat," a panel discussion moderated by ISD Adviser and former Rusk Fellow Bernadette Meehan. President of Ploughshares Fund for a discussion about the historic Iran deal. Moderated.

Apr 11, 2017  · The Georgetown University Lecture Fund describes itself as a “non-partisan student run organization” focused on promoting dialogue through various campus events. However, an examination of recent events reveals that liberal speakers far outnumber moderates or conservatives among the Lecture Fund’s invited and sponsored guests. The Georgetown Review compiled a list of all Lecture Fund.