Large Liberal Arts Colleges

In June, the university announced Bullock’s appointment and its new deans in the business school, and in the colleges of.

Pomona College, the No. 1 liberal arts school last year, remains highly ranked at No. Grinnell enrolls fewer than 2,000 students but it has one of the nation’s largest endowments at $1.8 billion,

On Monday, Warren campaigned at Macalester College, a private liberal arts school in St. Paul. The Massachusetts senator drew.

This upcoming August, Virginia Tech’s College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences will have a new dean. of how to build successful organizational cultures and to work with large and diverse groups.

Georgia’s largest private historically black school hired a new president, George T. French Jr., who starts on Sept. 1.

Evidence is mounting that political ideology is corrupting the liberal arts. According to Campus Reform. but it was a.

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Morehouse College, the nation’s largest liberal arts college for men, will allow individuals who self-identify as men, regardless of the sex assigned to them at birth, to be considered for admission.

a black liberal arts college for women in Atlanta. Both schools are part of the Atlanta University Center, the world’s.

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“Parents in Montana by and large want their kids to go to a four-year. and the fact that liberal arts programs are the.

In April, the college announced the couple would donate an additional $6 million, the largest gift in the school’s 168-year history, to advance the new liberal arts initiative. A trustee donated funds.

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“As we tried to find book clubs, we got so interested in them that it’s morphed into a project of creating a record and a.

The humanities and liberal arts are on the rise at community colleges, with the number of associate degrees. the CCRC report found that humanities and liberal arts "remain a large, robust part of.

Clayton Spencer, the president of Bates College, a small liberal arts college in Maine. Spencer decided to test her theory that happiness and fulfillment comes in large part from finding meaningful.

In the December 22 issue, Belkin, with help from Fuller, talk about how struggling small American towns, especially in Middle America, often have struggling liberal arts colleges. Should the small.

The Operation Varsity Blues admissions bribery scandal at large, prestigious institutions, such as Georgetown and University of Texas, Austin, makes me glad I attended and now teach at obscure, small.

We prepare students for great careers and also great lives. Residential liberal arts colleges offer students the best way to learn; one needs no further evidence of this than the fact that large.

“Through our previous Mellon grant, Humanities Writ Large, visiting faculty fellows greatly enriched. Four visiting scholars from HBCUs and liberal arts colleges are central to that effort through.